Our Company

IMST (International Medical Scientific Translations) is a translation and localization company established in 1998 specializing in medical, pharmaceutical and scientific translation servicesIMST collaborates with a team of medical practitioners and scientists both in Greece and abroad, covering all medical specialties and most languages of Europe including CEE and CIS region.

Our Values

Our relationship with Clients has been consolidated through values such as professional integrity, total confidentiality & security, mutual trust and flexibility in cooperation. 

Our Mission

Our mission at IMST is to maintain high standards and to incorporate our basic values with your efforts to communicate your position in the face of medical and scientific challenges.

We Guarantee

At IMST we provide our clients with a Guarantee of Quality by strictly abiding to the procedures and guidelines set through international Quality Assurance Procedures.  At IMST we keep our promises made to our clients through our Guarantee of Quality.

Correct use of terminology

Consistent use of terminology

Correct grammar, syntax and spelling

Strict adherence to schedules

Capacity to handle urgent projects

Certification of Translated Documents


Versatile services, sensitive to client-specific needs

Environmental policy





* SmPC, PIL, Labelling





Website localization is a process of adapting your original website through language, design and cultural elements to provide a relevant experience for your new target audience.

Naturally, translation plays a core role in website localization. Adapting your website for different markets primarily involves taking into account the local language(s).

A website localization project can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be and the rewards of increasing your potential audience are significant.


We target your project needs and unique therapeutic area requirements during writer selection. We bring the most experienced resources with deep subject matter expertise to the table, ensuring the best fit with your overall project team. The end result is a high-quality deliverable tailored to the appropriate reviewer audience.


An article summary is a short, focused paper about an article that is informed by a critical reading of that article. For argumentative articles, the summary identifies, explains, and analyses the thesis and supporting arguments; for empirical articles, the summary identifies, explains, and analyses the research questions, methods, findings, and implications of the study.

One significant challenge in writing an article summary is deciding what information or examples from the article to include. Remember, article summaries are much shorter than the article itself. 


Desktop publishing — abbreviated DTP — is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a computer.

When contacting us for a quote for your translation projects, you may be asked if you require DTP services. If you’re unfamiliar with this term and what DTP is here is why it might be required for your project.

When we speak about DTP, we are really referring to layout services after translation. Here are some cases when DTP is required:

  •  Every language has its own different structure, so the space required to fit the text into your document will change from one language to another
  •  Upon completion of the DTP of your files, we can create print-ready PDFs
  •  For instance, when translating from English to German, the German translation can be up to 30% longer. So your text may not fit correctly in dialogues, images and layout of your brochure or document. The layout has to be resized and fixed
  • Simple design changes can include modifying the size of a picture, the layout of your document to fit the translation. Generally, we advise our partners to leave lots of white-space in their document so the new text will flow easily. It’s better to think about translation during the design phase than have to make changes when translating
  • Certain typefaces cannot support all the characters used in different languages. Our project managers have the experience and the knowledge to determine which fonts can be used depending on the language you want to translate into
  • Certain languages require DTP automatically
  • For example, Arabic translation DTP is necessary since the language is written from right to left. DTP concerns image localisation also. This work refers to the translation of images or graphs included in your documentation. Images will also be moved to mirror this. Asian languages also require special fonts

We provide a complete suite of multilingual desktop publishing services.




Correct use of terminology

Each project is handled by a field specialist. In addition, broad and efficient research of published sources is carried out to identify the precise terminology. However, since the precise terminology (dictionaries, etc) is not often the most commonly used, the field specialist determines the most acceptable terminology based on experience, published sources and client-specific glossaries (Medra etc.). Discussion with the client may also be indicative in order to agree upon the preferred terminology, maintaining the client’s style.

Consistent use of terminology

A full history of all projects completed is maintained together with any changes provided by the client. Client-specific glossaries are compiled and utilized in any future projects. The same glossaries can be used by clients when reviewing such projects, enabling them to save time. Therefore, consistency in terminology is adhered to.

Correct grammar, syntax and spelling

Following the completion of each project by the field specialist, the project is thoroughly checked for grammar, syntax and spelling by a reviewer specializing in language use. A second review is performed by the Quality Control Manager before the project leaves our office.

Strict adherence to schedules

Regardless of the season, your deadline is our definite deadline. IMST has the necessary personnel and organization structure to handle a large number of projects and to adhere to client schedules.

Capacity to handle urgent projects

Sensitivity to client needs is our primary objective. Therefore, we always try to adapt our work to the client schedule. IMST has a large number of associates and, thus, the capacity to handle urgent projects through effective and coordinated team work, without compromising quality.

Certification of Translated Documents

We provide official translations for English to Greek and vice versa documents. Based on the Greek Law our officially translated documents are accepted in all government authorities, as well as other public and private sector bodies.

We provide accurate and official translations, certified by a lawyer if required, for a wide range of documents.


IMST offers prices in line with competition. Furthermore, continuous market research on clients and competitors indicates that IMST prices are equal or even lower compared to other providers adhering to the same quality standards.

Versatile services, sensitive to client-specific needs

If required, our services can also be provided at your site, as in cases of corporate audits, or situations in which sending the documents to be translated – reviewed is not permitted.

Environmental policy

Increasing consumer demand for environmentally sound products and services has prompted many private sector businesses, large and small, to voluntarily implement green policies and strategies into their business plans. Green policies not only show a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, those policies save money, reduce the carbon footprint and encourage others to follow suit. Small businesses can benefit from the cost savings associated with many environmentally friendly practices as well as grab the attention of consumers concerned with preserving the environment.